8-Inch Super King Memory Foam Mattress Review

Posted on September 14, 2012 · Posted in Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

One of the most ideal mattresses, according to a memory foam mattress review, is the 8-inch super king memory foam mattress. It is made from polyurethane and has several chemicals that make it visco-elastic. During the 1960s, scientists from NASA developed the “temper foam,” which is now called the memory foam. After its use in NASA programs, the product was commercialized and used for medical and athletic purposes. Nowadays, memory foam mattresses are used as a way to enhance the quality of sleep for overall health.

Memory Foam Mattress Review

An 8-inch super king memory foam mattress is the best type of mattress to purchase. It will make you feel more like you’re sleeping on royal bed. Moreover, memory foam mattresses do make a big difference. Compared with the traditional innerspring mattress, the memory foam mattress does not cause pain with long-term use. The capability of the memory foam mattress to absorb pressure while stabilizing posture makes it a great support. Most people do not realize that bad posture while sleeping can decrease the quality of sleep. This results in backaches, muscle pain, and joint pain. Hence, it is best to try the memory foam mattress made for super king size beds. The standard dimensions of super king size beds are 6 x 7 feet with a thickness of 8 inches. Most of the memory foam mattresses that are manufactured for super king size bed have a high density along with a 20-year guarantee. Most consumers who bought this size of memory foam mattress were relieved of snoring, insomnia, stiff neck, aching back, and leg pain. The positive reviews were very much in favor of the proper support given by this memory foam mattress unlike other mattresses. The topper and the base foam comply with the United Kingdom’s Fire and Safety Policies. Also, the hypoallergenic and antibacterial cover will ensure your total comfort.

Product Features

The best, most luxurious feeling while sleeping can be achieved with the 8-inch super king memory foam mattress. According to a memory foam mattress review, it has all the means of providing you with utmost comfort such as:

  • Anti-dust mite, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic cover
  • Absorbs pressure
  • Offers overall support on back, neck, and legs

The awkward smell is always cited at every memory foam mattress review. This can be eliminated through airing out. Overall, this magnificent 8-inch super king memory foam mattress gives you high quality sleep fit for a queen or king.