Memory Foam Mattress Review: Hypnia

Posted on September 8, 2012 · Posted in Memory Foam Mattress Suppliers



This memory foam mattress review will discuss Hypnia, one of the most credible memory foam mattress manufacturers. They offer the most competitive prices, the best values, and quality that you will not get from other mattress manufacturers.

Product Review

The general memory foam mattress reviewon Hypnia is positive in terms of the quality, durability, and budget. Only their products offer the longest life guarantee in the United Kingdom. They were able to review all their products for the last five years and saw how durable their products were.

Their memory foam products have a thickness of two inches, offering relief from muscle ache and joint pain. Their gold line of products has a foam depth of three inches that offers the perfect contour to relieve the pain experienced at joints and muscles. Moreover, their memory foams are medium-firm, which provides the maximum comfort for the body. The soft memory foams are not as efficient in providing this kind of support.

Only the memory foam from Hypnia offers the 75 kg per cubic meter density. Their memory foam mattresses are available in single, double, king, and super size. Hypnia also sell toppers that can be placed on top of the mattresses for additional comfort. They are all available as part of Hypnia’s line of products. Not only do they sell mattresses, Hypnia also has a comfort line for your sleeping needs by partnering their mattresses with memory foam pillows. These memory foam pillows are offered without an extra charge. Furthermore, the mattress covers are cool, breathable, and soft, making it the best for ensuring quality sleep.

This will enable the air to circulate effectively inside the mattress and permits moisture to evaporate efficiently.

Product Features

Most of the memory foam mattress reviewfor Hypnia was excellent. Some of the benefits you can get from purchasing their memory foam mattresses are:

  • Your choice of comfort in all standard sizes
  • Free memory foam pillows to support the neck and head
  • Free delivery and 10-year warranty
  • Competitive prices

Every customer who purchased Hypnia mentions the superb quality. Quality of sleep is guaranteed with their products. This memory foam mattress reviewconsiders Hypnia’s line of products as excellent, exquisite, and efficient.

Your Reviews

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